Selected Journal Articles

Beyond Typography: Exploration of Experimental Book Design through Typeface Anatomy, The International Journal of the Book, pp.25-26, Volume 8, Issue 2, 2011 | pdf

Reconnecting with Family and Community through Design Communication, International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 10, pp.143-158, Nov 2009 | pdf

Discover Type through Art, The International Journal of the Arts in Society, pp.105-112, Apr. 2009 | pdf

Street Theatre Advertising-An empirical investigation on the plausibility of live performance as a brand-building medium, Design, Culture and Life Dissertation Collection, pp. 121-131, Apr. 2009

Selected Conference Papers

“Beyond Typography – Inspired by the past, stimulated by the future,” The Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities 2010, Osaka, Japan: The International Academic Forum

“Explore Design Solutions through Online Games,” SIGGRAPH Asia 2009, Yokohama, Japan.

“Exploring the Online Games as an Inspirational Tool,” ICERI 2009 International Conference of Education Research and Innovation, Madrid, Spain.

“Never In A 100 Years: A Journey in Search of a New Visual Identity,” DesignEd Asia Conference 2008. pp.32, Hong Kong, China.