Jackson Pollock the medicine man
The dancing cowboy around his canvas
Drop of oil like mercury
Killer of critics, killer of convention

I dreamt that I had a date with Pollock. I went through his layers of oil to look for him and got caught in-between. One moment I was unable to move and the next
I was swimming freely in his painting. I took in the beautiful colours and millions of strokes greedily and abruptly I was drowned. In his painting, I was not aware of what I was doing.

Jackson Pollock in Typography Garden
The fonts shown in the book are inspired by Jackson Pollock’s painting, its hope to capture the energy, motion and other inner forces that Pollock has expressed in his painting. This artist's book aims to introduce some fun into the learning of typography terminology.
The story is created using the common list of typography terminology, with Jackson Pollock being the main character to introduce and interact with them.